Live and Learn

Well, I guess I should update this, though it is the least of my worries right now.Image



It is amazing to me how life can give you sweet kisses one minute and then rip your heart out the next.

This is a post I don’t even want to write, but I started this damn thing, so I feel some obligation to be true to it.  In short, the cruise, the dream, the whole adventure, was over before it even started.  An hour after we boarded, we were being given the bum’s rush off the ship and back down the gangway.  I was practically in a state of shock and disbelief at what was happening to me, even as it was actually happening.  Five minutes later I stood and watched as the ship pulled away from the dock… with all my luggage on board.  Yes, I was staying in Southampton but my luggage was going to Iceland.

Did manage to get a few pics during our short time aboard, even though it was pouring down rain outside.


4 comments on “Live and Learn

    • Hi Merrill. It was a long story so I explained the whole thing in the most recent post. Going to Heathrow today to see if I can get my ticket changed to a flight this week. Stopping in Winchester along the way to check out the world famous cathedral there. : )

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